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Established in 1993

Our company started in 1993 with 2 employees and a Chevy Suburban truck. Our services included grass cutting, trimming bushes, gardening, and residential snow removal. Over the next few years, we studied the landscape styles of others on garden tours and landscape designs. We hired more people and purchased equipment to provide full service landscape installation. Today we still have some of the same employees from the beginning that supervise 5 crews performing all aspects of landscape installation and maintenance. We listen to your ideas and goals to create outdoor space that enhances the look of your house and provides living space to enjoy year round.


My name is Greg Davis. Working outside and making people happy is my passion. I was looking for a job that didn’t feel like a job when I started this company. My educational foundation is in Mechanical Engineering and Business. My goal is to utilize this background and interest in the outdoors to create unique landscapes and hardscapes that my customers will enjoy. I develop plans that harmonize plant leaf color and layering to provide year round color. Living in your landscape is just as important as its appearance. We create outdoor living spaces that serve as an addition to your house. Over the past 25+ years I’ve created a family of employees. Our goal is to make you a part of our family and establish a long term relationship.

Greg Davis